Welcome to the world of Naturelo Ice Creams.

The Opportunity

Naturelo Natural Icecreams is just not famous among icecream lovers but also amongst people who wish to have a successful, ROI making business, In short we are quite chosen when it comes to people who wish to take up an icecream franchise.

Essentially, at Naturelo look for highly motivated organizations or entrepreneurs with a sincere commitment to building a retailing brand in their territory. We give franchise to the people who are looking to run the business and own a business with dedication and giving full time business. We don’t need investors mind set franchises, and will priortize who are individual and focused to operate a store as full time business.

The company will give franchise to the people who are looking at franchise options in their own cities only. At Naturelo, we only give unit franchise (Store Franchise), we don’t give Master Franchise for any city.

Franchise Model

A. Unit Franchise
Exclusive Outlet:

Exclusive Outlet has a larger scope, provides exclusive territory of 3–4 kms, and gives an edge over other icecream brands.
There is awareness amongst people for fresh natural ice creams, es- pecially flavours like Tender Coconut, Shareefa & many more. Given its high demand, natural ice creams ensure higher sales and mar- gins. This provides franchises with lucrative returns on investment.


There is huge scope of distribution. A Unit fran- chise may create multiple Point of sales (PoS) in its allocated terri- tory. The objective is to bring the flavors and fun of Naturelo Natu- ral Icecreams to consumers every day through Retail Tubs of 250g & 500g. This way, everyone’s favourite natural iceream can be made available in the grocer’s freezer or any modern retail chain in the neighborhood.


Franchise works closely with caterers for party orders and bulk orders. Wedding orders drive a huge volume for Natural Icecreams especially. Instant icec ream counters also draw a lot of attention and are largely in demand with the caterers.
No meal is complete without a dessert, whether big or small, indoor or outdoor. Naturelo is there to make your gatherings end on a sweet note. With an immense demand for catering on weddings, birthday parties, Carnivals, Special Events and corporate events we can offer a variety of packages.

B. Kiosk Franchise

Taking a franchised kiosk offers a lot of benefits. In a low start up cost, franchise gets a branded outlet with all facilities of a retail outlet.
This model is recommended for Food Courts/ Malls/ Bakeries/ Entertainment Centres and similar places that people frequently visit. Features include attractively designed kiosks and benefits of high walk ins.

Franchise Investment

Exclusive Outlet:

# Unit Franchise POS (Kiosk) Retail
Area Requirement 300 Sq. Ft+ 100 Sq. Ft+ Hyper Store
Frontage 12 Ft > 10 Ft >
Approximate Investment 11 Lakh 3-4 Lakh X
Site Development:

# Unit Franchise POS (Kiosk) Retail
Civil Interior 300000 X
Branding 100000 60000 X
Equipments 150000 130000 25000
Furnitures 70000 60000 X
Local Purchase 20000 20000 X
Franchise Fees
(includes store opening,
Brand Product Exclusively,
Project Consultancy, Training Fees
300000 100000 X
POS Fees(Software Fees) 30000 30000 X
Working Capital 70000 50000 10000
Service Taz 54000 18000
Total Investment Approx. 1094000 468000

All the figures (except fees) are approximate and will vary as per the size of the outlet.
*Co reserves the right to change the investment without prior notice.
*Projected Investment does not include the cost of real estate, rent deposit, brokerage.
*Miscallaneous Licences are extra which franchse will be borne.
*Service Tax (At Actual as per applicable at the time of signing the agreement.


* Must be a main road facing shop, high street, hotspot in middle or high income group areas preferably corner shop with sufficient front visibility & car parking space for customers.

* Minimum area requirement is 250 – 350 Sq Ft & above for Unit Fran- chise & 100 Sq Ft Above for Kiosk Franchise.

* Must be an exclusive Naturelo Franchise Outlet, no shop in shop cross branding will be considered.

* Prospective location should be atleast 3 – 5 Kms away from exist- ing Naturelo Outlet.

Franchise Form

* If you meet meet the required eligibility and accept the Investment Terms, You can fill up the form below to apply.

* After submitting the form, please give 72 hours for your request to be processed and we will contact you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a Naturelo Natural Icecream franchise cost?
The total investment depends on the type of franchise. Please refer to the tables above for cost break up and ROI information. All the data extablishes Naturelo Icecreams franchise as an affordable and fruit bearing investment.
2. Is there a royalty fee?
No. We do not charge royalty fee. The franchise has to pay a fran- chise fees at the time of signing of the franchise agreement. This is a one time payment.
3. How much is the advertising fee?
The ongoing advertising fee is 2% of gross sales.
4. Do I need experience to open a Naturelo Natural Icecream franchise?
While it helps to have previous experience, it’s not compulsary. We allow new entrepreneurs into the Naturelo family as long as they abide by the guidelines and passionately promote Naturelo in their area.
5. What kind of training does Naturelo Natural Icecream provide?
Naturelo provides multidimensional training to the franchi- sees.This includes making, preparing and serving the ice cream, managing inventory and marketing. We are always available for as- sistance and like to instill confidence in each and every representa- tive of Naturelo.
6. I’ve never marketed a business before. Does the Brand provide assistance?
Yes. Naturelo has an in house design team which takes care of our marketing material. This significantly reduces the burden on our franchises. We also train the staff to post content online, onto var- ious social media platforms.
7. Does the Brand provide assistance in building a store?
Our team is available for assistance with respect to site selection, design and development.
8. How do I find the perfect location for my new store?
Selecting the right location is the most important aspect in finalis- ing a franchise. It must be a main road facing shop, high street, hotspot in the middle of high income group areas, and preferably a corner shop with sufficient front visibility and proper parking space.
9. What if there’s already a Naturelo Natural Icecreams in my city?
Naturelo offers exclusive territory of 3-4 Kms to each Unit Fran- chise Outlet.
10. What steps do I need to complete to franchise with Naturelo Creamery?
The steps are easy. Here is how you take it forward:
  • Complete the franchise form
  • Upon selection, sign the franchise agreement
  • Pick your location and develop your outlet
  • Receive training
  • Open Your Outlet!